Who am I?  That’s a great question that we all have to truthfully answer to ourselves and the world one day.  I’m Christina Amen; wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. I went about life wondering “just what am I here to do and who am I really?”  At the age of 24, I found my passion.  After the birth of my 2nd child, I realized my passion and purpose to motivate, inspire and support moms and children.  I opened a home daycare and began my journey to impact the lives of families through their children.  Several years later I developed Super Mommy-n-Me.

Super Mommy-n-Me is all about community and family enrichment. Building a community of moms who support each other, providing resources to equip the everyday mom with useful information and tools, bridging the gap between local businesses and families to strengthen our community while sharing my heart is what SMM is all about.

This blog is a look into my life as I navigate this journey of motherhood. I will share my experiences and tips to encourage, motivate, inspire and empower other mothers along the way. I believe motherhood is a journey that is meant to be shared. I’m excited to share it with you!

So now who am I? I am Christina Amen; wife to my loving and supportive husband, a mother blessed with 4 of the most amazing little drops of love, a woman graced with passion and purpose to impact the lives of those around me, a sister and friend, a servant, a leader, an example, a work in progress–a Super Mommy!

“Being a Super Mom doesn’t mean you do it all or know it all; it means you’ve failed, you’ve succeeded and every time with everything your family has had your whole heart.” —Christina



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