The Millenial SuperMommy has career, family, goals and dreams in focus with the ambitions to accomplish them all. 

Travel back in time and you’ll find the June Clever type moms where appearance was everything, soft spoken and family focused, little ambition to pursue any professional goals and the extent of her satisfaction was limited to the perfect home, children and fresh baked cookies and pies. The idea that to be a SuperMom, you have to be perfect at all times, never make a mistake and always have the right answer to every problem. Even the days of the Huxables displayed an unattainable level of perfection in parenting even while maintaining a high stress career. The standard for moms have been set to make us believe loads of laundry sitting on the floor, building a corporation from the ground up, taking control of your life and missing the mark a little along the way are the makings of a “regular mom” who just doesn’t measure up. Well think again!! Millenial Moms are redefining what it means to be a SuperMommy! 

The Millenial SuperMommy knows no limitations, achieves goals, has passions and is more forgiving and accepting of other moms. 

1. No more limitations. No longer do we have to choose between career and family. Millenial SuperMoms are creating non traditional ways to earn money, starting their own companies and working from home, all while raising children. The rise of mom entrepreneurs has shown the rise of empowered moms who have decided to take their passions and skills to not only run their families but take charge of their lives. 

2. Achieve goals. Remember those movies and sitcoms where the mom “was great way back when” and had dreams but she became a mom and now all of her efforts are spent catering and nurturing the needs of her family. Occasionally you would find her reminiscing on her former days as a dancer, singer, reporter, or businesswoman; only to push those days behind her because now she’s a mom. That way of thinking is obsolete as Millenial SuperMoms balance all of who they are and hope to be! 

3. Pursing Passions and leading purposeful lives. Saving money, making money by doing everyday tasks, launching businesses around our passions, and reaching for all of our dreams is what sets Millenial Moms apart from every other generation. I’m not afraid or apologetic for my desire to be a great mom, fulfilled wife and accomplished woman. Millenial SuperMoms know that they are so much more than a mom and live embracing all of who they are. 

What does a Millienial SuperMommy look like? Powerful. Fearless. Innovative. Creative. Forgiving. Authentic. Real. 


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