A SuperMommy’s Guide to Spring break: Myrtle Beach, SC 

April comes, the Easter bunny has come and gone leaving chocolate and goodies behind. We’ve put away the fancy spring dresses and traded them in for flip flops, beach towels and fun in the sun. Finally winter is over and the warmth of the sun feels so amazing on my skin. It’s Spring break!! School’s out for the week and we’re hitting the highway for fun and a taste of the much anticipated summer! This SuperMommy is on Spring break in Myrtle Beach, SC.  


Wake up early pack our bags, grab an extra kid(what’s a road trip if the kids can’t bring a friend, right) and hit 95S from our Virginia home for some beach bumming fun. Here’s this SuperMommy’s Guide to a no fuss Spring break! 

  1. Convenience is worth a few extra bucks. I spent a few days calling around looking for the best place for our family to stay while on vacation that wouldn’t cost us too much. In fact, the cheaper the better! With our family of 6, an exchange student and one of the kids’ friends coming along, we need to keep our costs as low as possible. So I find a great rate for our accommodations and even though it didn’t offer much of anything else, we would have a little bit extra to do more. While riding down the interstate and hearing my little loves talk with excitement, I began to think. Save $75, stay at a less than desirable location with fewer options available to keep my loves happy or splurge on an oceanfront resort with endless conveniences that leave them smiling from ear to ear and overwhelmed with excitement. Convenience can be costly but these moments are priceless and stress shouldn’t rob you of one single second!   
  2. No stress, no concrete expectations no fuss. We made the last minute change to our reservations and upon arrival, immediately knew we made the right choice. Comfort, space, convenience and all of the things that make a beach getaway great. I left stress at home and promised to go with the flow; taking every moment in. Walk the beach while they run straight into the ocean completely dressed, swim until 8:15pm followed by dinner and Disney marathon until everyone is asleep and snoring; sounds great. Day one is a success!
  3. Don’t try to do it all. Go for quality not quantity! I’ve spent too many vacations with the checklist of must do activities and must see attractions. Exhausted and frustrated kids, uptight and high strung parents, not to mention timelines, restraints and schedules have no place on vacation! I made a list of things to do and places to go. Some of the items were for mommy and daddy and most were for the kids. Shopping at the Tanger Outlet for mommy, Planet Hollywood dinner for our exchange student from Spain were our must do items. Medieval Times, WonderWorks and of course Broadway at the Beach were the must do items for the kids and family. If the kids would rather swim all day and play at the beach, I promise I won’t be a bit upset. I want them happy and enjoying their vacation their way. 

Sitting in the condo thinking about the next few days and I honestly don’t know what we’ll do before the week is out. Maybe we’ll fill our days with adventure and sightseeing or maybe split between relaxing on the beach and laying by the pool. I’m not sure and I’m ok with that because what I know for sure is that we’re going to laugh, smile, love and create memories to last a lifetime. 

The beauty of a SuperMommy is not perfection and free from problems and mistakes. It is quite the opposite. Taking in the beauty and joy of each moment and remembering the purpose of it all is what’s most important. Every vacation is an opportunity to disconnect from the busy life full of demands and deadlines; while reconnecting to the ones you love the most. Spring’s theme is renew, refresh, rebirth and reconsider. What better way than a spring break getaway to simply enjoy the joys and blessings of family however you choose. The guide to Spring break like a SuperMommy is so simple that I’ll sum it all up with one thought. 

A SuperMommy isn’t concerned with the roadmap of others. She isn’t concerned with rhythm of someone else’s drum, fitting the mold or reaching a certain status. She is committed to silencing the noise of life, connecting to the rhythm the of the hearts in her life and never missing the moment to dance. 

This Myrtle Beach break for Spring will give my family and I an opportunity to focus on what’s really important; happiness, love, family, sun and sand! 


Christina Amen is a wife, mother of 4 and CEO of Super Mommy-n-Me. For more information visit http://www.supermommynme.com


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