Motherhood: Servant’s Heart, Power of a King


As always, I’m living, working and breathing all there is to this motherhood journey. As usual I’m taking in every moment with my 4 children and looking for the greater lesson or meaning from our encounters and experiences. Ok, maybe not every moment. Some moments are spent staring at the tv for hours, scrolling through social media or just trying to breathe alone for just ONE SECOND! But nevertheless, my intention is to be present and to drink in the moments and not to overlook the little gifts along the way. Then it came to me after staying up way late after the kids went to bed to get some work done; a simple thought to ponder. Motherhood is characterized by having a servant’s heart while possessing the power of a king. 

I sat up on the edge of the bed, paused the YouTube video playing one of Priscilla Shirer’s inspirational speeches and just let out a huge WOW! My mind was completely blown away at this beautiful depiction of motherhood that was given to me suddenly by God Himself. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it at first even though it seems pretty clear but I had to take a moment and really ponder this idea. I began to replay the day earlier as my family and I are currently on our last vacation of the summer before school resumes on September 8th. We’re spending a week in the mountains in a resort and it has been fun, exhausting, frustrating and relaxing all at one point or another! From standing in line for over an hour so each child could ride ponies for about 2 minutes each, to waiting in the pouring rain while your children bungee jump and you can’t think of a complaint because the sheer joy and happiness on their faces is the very reason why you live. We serve our children, we look for ways to shower them with love and oh don’t we just adore them! We place ourselves last because of our love, all the while possessing the power to change their world and ours in just a moment. What power, authority, privilege and responsibly! Just as with anything else, it can be abused or misused or ineffective if we are not prepared or willing to guide our thoughts, actions and decisions with humility, wisdom and love. We can become selfish, dismissive and neglectful if we forget we are here in service to others and somehow lose sight of the whole  puzzle for focusing solely on just our piece. This is not to say we shouldn’t care for ourselves and take time to nurture ourselves, moms PLEASE do that! What I am saying is keeping a balanced perspective of not just who we are but why we are. A king knows who he is and is full of confident authority; while a servant knows why he is here and is full of humble service. So I’ll share the notes I made for myself as a reminder of my who and why:

A loving servant knows the heart, desires, dreams, wishes, likes and dislikes of those they serve. He takes pride in bringing pleasure and delight, never taking lightly his responsibility to meet the needs of those in his service. Why do they serve? If out of obligation or by force, he is resentful but if out of love and devotion, he is compelled to serve. So I asked myself 3 questions. Who am I? We all have power, authority and influence in some area of our lives. What am I to do with this power and authority(purpose)? Having gifts, talents and the blessings of children are not only for our enjoyment, there is so much more. How can I utilize who I am and why I’m here to serve those who need me the most? A life in service to others is never a wasted life, rather an impactful life whose reward will never fade.

Moms we are rewarded when little eyes of gratitude look up at us and we hear “thank you mom” or hugs of appreciation and even the rewards that don’t pay directly. Watching your son or daughter become successful or find true love are dividends for the loving deposits of service and meeting their needs while leading with power, wisdom and authority.

I’m reminding myself in the moments of serving my family, clients and audiences, to never think less of myself. The sign of a great leader is their ability to follow. In the moments of lunches, play groups and practices, building businesses, speaking to audiences, meeting the needs of clients and catering to my husband and kids, I remind myself of my greatness, strength and power. My life’s purpose to serve enables me to live as a queen!


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