This SuperMommy’s March Madness and how she intends to welcome spring! 

Ok so it’s March and I’m looking around my  houses full of madness. Yes I mean loads of laundry, bins full of summer clothes that I packed up last fall but never made it to the attic, dust, Barbies, Legos and every other toy you can think of conveniently lying where it’s going to get stepped on by your bare feet and instantly send you into a painful rage. My planner is full of goals unmet, untapped potential and that’s not ok. I’ve missed a lot more than just a few workouts, try not one in the last 3 weeks and the chips, soda and cookies are back on the menu! Too much time working and not enough balance. I’ve got ambitious goals and I haven’t been following the road to realizing my dreams. I told you utter and complete madness. I didn’t even get to mention the office that is cluttered with so much evidence of our hectic lives that I’m thinking the file cabinet, shelving and organizational systems are a joke and their only purpose is to mock me. Madness and its March; right when we all begin to think one thing: Spring is almost here and I need everything clean and in it’s  place! 

Spring is like New Year’s Day and I resolve to refresh, renew and refocus. 

My husband shakes his head as I zoom around the house, music blaring, cleaning like a madwoman–madness! I’ve got a ferocious plan and schedule to clean, redecorate and reorganize every square foot and inch of my houses–physical, mental, spiritual, financial and of course my literal house! Here’s my plan:

Priorities Woman! Rome wasn’t built in a day but it would’ve been if women were in charge!

The beauty and superhero characteristics of moms is our ability to conquer insurmountable feats, multitask and get results while maximizing what precious and seemingly limited time we have. The problem with that is we tend to overload and attempt to save, protect and restore order all on our own. Madness. I’m living this right now; husband, 4 kids, 4 businesses, 1 job(his), lots of volunteer work, home life, etc. Madness. It all starts right after Halloween. The kickoff to the holiday season and there’s hustle and bustle, hurry, busy, go, go,go! The new year rolls in and I’m like “I’m reaching my goals and then some. Let’s make it happen!” It takes March and the emergence of Spring to refocus, silence all of the noise and breathe! It’s all about priorities. I take a break after 7 hours of cleaning to sit on the floor in my office and refresh my priorities. What are they?

  1. Faith: who are you, what do you believe and how do you share that with others?
  2. Family: how are you nurturing the relationships with those who matter the most or are you too busy?
  3. Well-being: are you freeing your body and mind from toxins and life suckers? 
  4. Purpose: are you disciplined and consistent with your tasks and responsibilities at home and in business to see success and greater influence?

Asking myself these hard questions and being authentic allowed me to see clearly. Half the battle is recognizing the distractions so that  I     can steer clear. 

With refreshed priorities comes a renewed action plan. 

I jump up from sitting on the hardwood floor and grabbed the nearest notepad and pen. Feeling inspired, it’s time to renew the action plan! 

Upward: taking time to meditate, devoting time at the beginning of my day to center, pray and start with peace and positivity. Looking upward first to express gratitude keeps everything in perspective throughout the entire day. 

Inward: my heart, wellbeing, peace and happiness is all inward. Feeding and fueling my mind and body everyday no matter what. Health, fitness, nutrition and personal development isn’t optional. After all, anything not growing is dead. 

Outward: Expressing my love to my family, friends and loved ones everyday. Devoting time to connect, laugh and bond each day no matter what. Living a life of service to help others, encourage others and have a positive impact on someone everyday. 

Onward: diligence, discipline and consistency. Running, walking and sometimes crawling in the direction of my dreams. Boldly, Fearlessly, Relentlessly. 

Priorities are refreshed, action plan renewed now it’s time to refocus. 

I put away the notebook, broom and other cleaning supplies. Walked into the the room where my kids had been “cleaning” and it sounds a whole lot like playing and I said let’s go out for a while and have a little fun! The refocus allowed me to remember not to try and reach the end goal in one day. Rather, reach a milestone everyday. Kitchen, living room and dining room–done. Accomplished a few positive tasks for my businesses–done. Enjoyed a beautiful evening having dinner, laughing, watching movies and loving the people who fill my heart. Madness. 


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