On Our Family Vacation…I need a Getaway!

It’s summertime finally! The weather is great for days spent by the pool, hangouts on the beach(thankfully, we live on the East Coast), and best of all summer getaways to explore different cities and sometimes countries even! The summer vacation is everything to most families.

What happens when you book a vacation for a week almost 900 miles away from home? For our family of 6, we load up the minivan, drive through 5-6 different states, feast on junk food while we listen to Frozen play for more than 13 hours, all for the promise of relaxation and fun. This is currently our situation.

So, I’ll quickly take you back to the beginning and what led to such a decision. The kids last day of school was June 13. We thought as a celebration of the end of yet another successful year for our preschooler, kindergartener, and 2nd grader; we would plan a week getaway to–St. Louis, MO. Wait, before you say why or think, of all the places…my husband is originally from The Lou and as a result our family are fans of the Cardinals. So we figured we’d see family, go to a baseball game, the circus is in town and end it with a trip to the lake. What’s summer without water to jump into anyway?

Well, we’re here and all I can say is…“I can’t wait to get home from vacation so I can relax!”

What?! How does that even make sense? Moms, you know you understand. I appreciate my home and each kid having their own space filled with all things that distract them from fighting with each other. The overly expensive crib and beds at home that seemed ridiculous to buy but are now priceless as my 16 months old baby girl refuses to sleep on our vacation beds. She’s now cranky, sleep deprived and making sleeping in nearly impossible. The hustle to try and accomplish what we’ve planned, the meltdowns, the fighting between my little people and did I mention NO SLEEP!

Seeing the smiles on my family’s face as they watch the Cardinals play in 98 degree sweltering heat, watching their faces light up with excitement as we sit in a 1 ring circus with camels, elephants and the like so close we can touch them, hearing the laughter and giggles while they splash, play and swim is why we make all of those sacrifices. It’s always worth it.

Home Sweet Home never rang so true. I’m looking forward to laying on the sofa, hearing the soothing sounds of the washing machine doing the load of clothes I just put in. I’m so ready to get home from vacation, so I can finally relax!





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