Riding off into the sunset…in a minivan!

Remember those days of being spontaneous, romantic and having a passionate love life? Do you remember or was it so long ago that you’re not sure if that side of you still exists? It can become mundane, non-existent or a chore after life and priorities change.
Meeting my husband while were in our early 20s and carefree, sparked an intense romance with all the time and passion to keep the fire burning. Then came more demanding careers, 4 children, and not a lot of time for romantic getaways! How do you keep the passion and romance alive? Really, I’m asking?
Thankfully, my husband doesn’t need much help in this area. He can find a romantic moment over a spaghetti and meatball dinner at our kitchen table while the baby screams, and the other 3 go completely wild. Amongst all of the chaos, he’ll just as easily whisper to me, “wanna go upstairs?” I’m thinking, to do what, run bath water for tomato stained kids or hide in the bathroom? I can only pray to have just a little of his spontaneity!
So what’s the solution? What have I done to fill our “love tank?”To tell you the truth, I’m still learning, searching and trying to bring more of our former passion back. We’ve tried date nightsbut with busy schedules, they’re the 1st to go. We thought maybe stay awake 1-2 hours after the kids are in bed for “alone time”but when the kids are down, we’re not far behind! So for now we’ll just steal those moments as they come, send love texts throughout the day and remember to enjoy our love as we ride off into the sunset!



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