Mommy Moments

Have you ever had a mommy moment? I’m talking, house is messy, kids are everywhere, laundry has piled a mile high and you can’t seem to get enough energy to simply brush your teeth. I must admit that I’ve had one too many.

The pressure to be the held together mom who is always on her “A” game is unrealistic.  I enjoy life a lot more when I make allowances for the “down days” and just live.  Enjoying an impromptu T.V. marathon of my favorite HGTV show while dreaming of all the DIY projects I would love to tackle, on the sofa in pajamas–definitely a “down day!”  These days are important, vital in fact.  Vital to our over all well being.  Now, I not an expert, doctor or anything of the sort but I am a mom who has learned to cut myself a little slack.  I’ve learned that a mommy moment rejuvenates and reenergizes me.  It helps me to put all of the mind clutter, to-do lists, needs, wants, wishes, and tasks on the shelf and just exist.  As a wife and mom of 4, it’s hard to find time to unwind and unplug. I have my family, friends, work and passions that all need my attention.  It isn’t until I feel completely overwhelmed that I remember me.  So now, I recognize when the moment for a “down day” presents itself and I indulge; no guilt included.


Here’s my encouragement to you.  Moms are the glue that holds everything together. While holding all the balls you’re juggling, don’t forget you.  It’s a bit cliché, but if you don’t give to yourself, you won’t have anything to give.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  You deserve a mommy moment.  Take that moment as it comes and relax, reflect on what makes you tick, dream and just exist. Your family will get the best of you!


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