The Mom Entrepreneur

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had dreams for as far back as you’re willing to remember.  As a little girl, my dreams were to study political science and international law in college, later go on to law school, land a job in politics and ultimately reach the pinnacle of my career as an US Ambassador to Germany.  Pretty high hopes, huh? That isn’t your average little girl fairy tale.  Life has a way of showing you who you really are and what your true purpose is.  Now as much as I would have loved for that dream of mine to come true, I was given a new dream and reality at the same time.  Motherhood has a way of doing that too!

The birth of my 1st and 2nd children gave me a new purpose and perspective on life.  My interests and hobbies remained the same, however my passions changed and evolved as I changed and evolved into a woman, wife and mother.  Having children opened a part of me that I didn’t know even existed.  My love for politics, law, and different cultures is a passion I acquired.  I learned to love those things through my experiences.  The passions and purpose unleashed through motherhood was who I was all along and never knew.

Recognizing your passion and purpose and working at it is what everyone searches and aspires to do.  Having what you love to be fulfilling but also profitable is what it’s all about.  The mom entrepreneur has passion, determination, drive, patience and a  fire to push through adversity and fear. Being willing to risk it all to accomplish it all is not something to be taken lightly.  We are the picture of strength and courage. Our courage to step out betters our families and communities.  As entrepreneur you are expected to wear many hats, pay attention to detail, put out small fires and believe when everyone else bails.  Moms, that’s just Tuesday for us!

I discovered that my passion and purpose is to inspire moms while enriching the lives of children and families.  Super Mommy-n-Me allows me to do just that.  This is what some refer to as the “sweet spot.”  Sharing my experiences to inspire, encouraging and supporting through groups, motivating through classes and giving back to build better communities is never a days work.

So, wherever your passions lie, whatever your purpose is, don’t be afraid to live it out fully.  Being a mom does not erase you as a woman.  You have something great to offer that only you can give.


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